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Asked Questions

What is the estimated cost of my renovation?

The cost of your renovation with us will be influenced by factors like the scope of work, scale, functionality, and the materials chosen for construction. We will closely collaborate with you to determine the optimal components and layout that best suit your home.

Do I need a permit for my renovation project?

According to the City of Edmonton:

Permits are required for common renovation projects such as:
- Changing the exterior finish material of a house Adding or changing the size of a window or exterior door
- Building or finishing a living/recreation room, bedroom or bathroom
- Repairs due to fire or flood damage
- Structural changes

Permits are not required for maintenance or minor cosmetic upgrades such as:
- Replacing flooring, painting, installing kitchen cabinets Replacing roof shingles
- Replacing windows of the same size
- Replacing the exterior finish of a house with similar materials (such as replacing existing vinyl siding with new vinyl siding)

What is the best time to start a home renovation project?

The ideal time to start your home renovation project depends on various factors such as the scope of work, weather conditions, and your personal preferences. Generally, many homeowners find that starting a renovation during the spring or fall seasons is advantageous, as weather conditions are often more favorable, and it allows for better ventilation during the process. However, our experienced team is flexible and can work with you to plan a timeline that suits your schedule and ensures a smooth and efficient renovation process. Feel free to reach out to us for a personalized consultation to determine the best time for your specific project.

Sugar Shack Renovations

Meet the Builder

Welcome to Sugar Shack Renovations, where skill and dedication come together. Meet Nicholas Hawkeye, Owner and Project Manager—a dedicated father, husband, and lifelong builder.

Growing up and now owning the same 1950s home he was born in, Nicholas took the dilapidated structure, removed half, and rebuilt the space while keeping the original character and soul of the home intact. Fostering a profound connection to the mid-century homes of Edmonton, this marked the beginning of Sugar Shack Renovations. With a wealth of experience gained from working on numerous homes in and around Edmonton, Nicholas' approach to every project involves treating each home as if it were his own.

As a licensed and insured professional, Nicholas brings a comprehensive skill set to all aspects of construction, placing a strong emphasis on safety. At Sugar Shack Renovations, the commitment extends beyond mere transformation; it's about creating homes that reflect the care and expertise of a builder who comprehends the genuine value of each space.